How should I write my work experience section in my situation?

by Emma

Hi. I’m a fashion graduate and found this job posting for a sales job at a great brand. But I’m not sure how to write my work experience section. I’ve been through the Fashion Resume How To Guide, but this is my situation.

I have retail experience, but it is not fashion retail experience. I worked in a department store.

Does this count as relevant experience or not?


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Jun 17, 2021
Career Coach & Resume Writer
by: Chola M.

Hi there Emma!

In your case you have retail experience. So I would say YES. This is relevant. But it also depends on what they are asking for in this job. From what I can see from their job post. It seems they would accept this as experience. Especially since you did work for a big brand retailer.

Start by making a list of all your daily activities and then ramp them up.

As a Sales/Retail assistant at this store, this is probably what your day looked like…

•Arranging stock
•Managing the till
•Helping customers find what they’re looking for
•Handling returns etc.…

These will all be useful even in a fashion store.

Now how can we put that in a more impactful tone?

Arranging stock becomes… Suggested and implemented window dressing that brought in 20% more customers in the first 3 months.

Managing the till becomes… Open & closed till with a float of over $1,000 daily.

Helping customers find what they’re looking for becomes… Acted as personal shopper and closed sales for over 20 customers daily.

Handling returns becomes… Resolved customer complaints via phone, email & Instagram page.

Go for details and specifics and numbers.

That’s what it means to come up with 3 to 4 points that demonstrate your ability to work well in this role. Also notice the change of tense to -ed.

Hope that helps.

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