FREE Resume Critique

Need help with your Fashion resume?

Wish you could have someone review your resume?

Get a FREE Resume Critique from a certified resume writer!

With a FREE Resume Critique, you’ll get to taste an easy, stress-free job application process.

If, it’s not to your liking, you lose nothing.

And still gain the professional advice of a certified career coach & resume writer who specializes in helping new gradates like yourself make their first $20,000 in the Fashion industry.

How the FREE Resume Critique Works

Step 1: Email your info

Send a copy of your resume - along with the link to 1 job you’re applying for - to

(Microsoft Word or Google Docs only please)

You can use this sample text if it makes it easier for you...

Subject:  FREE Resume Critique


Please find attached my resume as well as the link to the job I’d like to apply for.


Your name

Step 2: Receive your Critique

Expect your critique back in 72 hours.

Upgrade your order...

Follow up Resume Critique

Even after following profession advice, you may wonder if you’ve implemented it all correctly. I’ll go over your changes a second time, to ensure you have.


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Resume Rewrite

Hire me to rewrite your resume.

I’ll implement the changes I suggested as well as provide...

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • English spelling & grammar check
  • Resume design  

Best of all, you’ll have each section of your resume professionally worded.


Order now!
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