Fix Your Fashion Resume In 7 Days

Wondering how to write your fashion resume? Then you’re in the right place. Look over my shoulder as I explain key points in creating a fashion resume.

If you’re new to writing a resume, don’t worry. I’ll take you step-by-step into the how and why of creating job winning resumes.

This is a long guide, over 2300 words long. It is literally meant to stretch over 7 calendar days.

This is what you’ll find in this guide…

  • The 5 elements needed to write your contact information
  • Why career objectives are resume killers and what you should do instead
  • What are resume skills and where can you find them
  • Best and worst fashion resume headlines I’ve ever seen
  • How to write experience section when you have no experience
  • How to write you education section to land a job you’ve never done before

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