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Finding A Job

This section Is dedicated to your job search, resume writing & career planning.

You can start by looking at these fashion resume examples that come with these handy cheat sheets. Or post a question on my Ask Me Anything page.

Weighing Career Options

It may surprise you to know, but 50% of people working in fashion DO NOT have a fashion degree.

Discover the 3 ways you can enter the fashion industry. Hint: this is what every college student should have known before they signed up for any degree.

Looking at Schools & Courses

This section will be useful for you if you want to…

Starting a Business

Starting a business today has never been so quick and easy.

But there are a few things to consider should you intend to ever make any money out of it.

If you want to take the leap and start your own fashion business, you can look at these fashion business plans.

Sometimes fashion school is the right career move for you. And sometimes it's not.

There’s no one-size-fits-all in this industry or any other.

It's time you had career advice geared towards your success and not toward crushing your fashion dreams.

Give Fashion a shot by writing for us!

We’re adding a brand-new corporate fashion column to our website.

And I thought this was the perfect opportunity to extend an open invitation to our visitors.

Have a unique take on fashion & style that you’d like to share?

Submit a guest post! And get a feel of what it’s like to be a contributing professional in the industry.

Meet Your Fashion Career Coach & Resume Writer

It felt like a knife to my chest when my parents insisted I study math or science when all I wanted was fashion.

They gave me an ultimatum. Give up my dreams of studying fashion or I could figure out how to pay for it myself.

This is a common situation, and one you are more likely to face should your choice be fashion school.

Career coaching is often used by those who already regret the decisions they made in the past.

I use career coaching to help young people make the right decisions from the start.

Quick Links To Help You Find What You Looking For

On this website, I’ve put together everything I wish I had known when I wanted to go to fashion school.

Fashion Career Quiz

And if you’re not sure where you are or where you should be in your career path, you might find our FREE fashion career assessment helpful.

Stop Dreaming • Start Planning

53% of parents are unsupportive of their child’s choice of career53% of parents are unsupportive of their child’s choice of career

I understand perfectly how you feel about fashion.

My parents didn’t want me to go to fashion school either.

If I knew then what I knew now I would have made some very different choices.

And my story in fashion would have looked a lot different.

Even though I can’t change my past – or get back the ten years I lost - I can help you.

Passion will only get you so far.

You will also need a career plan and a very good one.

The Support That You Need

Now don’t get me wrong.

I’m not trying to paint my mom and dad in a negative light. But there is a very important issue we have to face here.

If Fashion is your passion, your career path will look very different from other people your age. If you’re going to get through this, you’re going to need someone in your corner.

Someone who is willing to support you. Even if that’s just to talk or brainstorm together.

Someone who understands what fashion means to you.

And believes you can - and should - follow your dreams.

Looking forward to serving you.


Chola M.

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