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Fashion Schools Reviewed

The good, the bad and the what-the-what? We lay down the facts, talk with some people in the school and let you decide which fashion school is right for you.

Fashion Careers

We chat with some working professionals in the industry to help you know your options and make the best decisions about your career in fashion.

Getting Hired  

It might all be for nothing if you can’t get those coins! Learn how to build up an impressive resume from day one and what you won’t be needing to land your dream job.

Kick Start Your Success

Thinking of going to fashion school?...

Looking through long lists of fashion schools in prestigious locations like the USA, or Europe is where most people begin.

While some people may be sceptical about whether or not you can make it in the fashion industry today...

As a career coach, I believe you can build the career that you dream of. It just takes a little planning and guidance.

To jumpstart your success, I would like to offer you something special. With my compliments and best wishes...

If you are a fashion student, graduate or fashion enthusiast, I will feature your portfolio of work on its very own dedicated page!

Sound interesting?

So What is FashionSchoolSnitch.com?

Did you ever wish that you had someone to guide you through the process of finding a fashion school?

Maybe your family isn’t big on the idea of you studying fashion or working in the industry and you just need someone to talk to about it who would understand.

That’s where I come in…

Hi! Chola Michelle here.

Certified career coach and resume writer.

I’ve put together this website to help you through the daunting task of planning a career in fashion.

Like with all careers, you’ll most likely begin at school.

But before you know it, you're thrown into the working world.

There, they’ll demand not only an impressive degree but years of work experience you’re somehow meant to materialize.

I’m here to make sure you leave fashion school with both.

Fashion School and Beyond

Chock full of fashion industry and education insights, I'll make sure you’ll not only look good on your resume but leave fashion school with real life employable skills.

Or even the confidence to venture out on your own if you so choose.

Browse through the site for fashion school reviews, career advice and a curated list of school supplies I can’t imagine anyone living without.

The comments section at the end of every page is a chance to ask a question, share your experiences and join a growing community of aspiring fashion professionals.

And if you would like to get in contact with me personally, you can always send me a message directly.

To your success!

Chola M
CPRW, Career Coach & Fashion School Snitch