Chrystel Anne, Fashion Designer

by Chrystel Anne

This is the homepage to my online store

This is the homepage to my online store

I graduated in business management first in 2018.

My parents never wanted me to study fashion because they were very traditional and saw it more of like a hobby rather than a full-time career.

My initial plan was to work (I work in a finance and data company) for a few years to pay for fashion school but after a few months of working I signed up for a competition to gain a full scholarship for a fashion diploma and eventually won.

I was basically working and studying for the whole of 2019.

Unfortunately, that fashion school shut down last May due to the pandemic which is why they transferred me to a different design school, but I was no longer on scholarship.

I am still working for the same company to continue paying for the rest of school.

I wanted to start my brand in 2020 but I was still very hesitant.

When the pandemic hit many things in my personal life changed and I realized anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

Before fashion school I used to just study online on how to sew and how to illustrate.

I’ve been doing that for over 10 years.

When lockdown hit my company started work from home which gave me more time to work on my fashion career.

I started my brand, Chrystel Anne Fashion, in August of 2020. Dubai was still easing its way out of lockdown so many people still didn't really have many special occasions to go.

I started by selling silk masks and it went so well. The restrictions in Dubai also started to loosen up and more people were going out, so I started to develop my very first collection for Ready to wear.

The best part of running my brand is the feeling of finally being able of doing what I love. I also get to create and see an idea transform into something physical. There is a different sense of genuine happiness when that happens.

I believe that the hardest part is that I still need to work a corporate job and run my business at the same time.
Also, my parents try to take credit for part of my success which is unfortunate because I worked hard to be where I am despite their views of fashion being a career.

Fashion Education
College of Fashion and Design
Dubai and Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation


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Jan 28, 2021

by: Chola M.

Thanks for sharing Crystel!

There were a couple points I loved about your story and wanted to highlight.

Firstly, it’s such a common thing for people to not have studied fashion, though that is where they often end up.

I wonder if you feel your business management degree has helped you in starting a fashion business at all?

The hesitation that you felt to start a business is common too.

One cure for that is to start as a side hustle rather than full time.
Then you can let the business grow first before you expect it to make enough returns to support you financially.

So even though it’s a struggle to juggle a fulltime job and a business, that may be the safest way to go about it.

Just imagine the day you can leave your corporate job because your fashion is making you more money than your salary!

It is unfortunate about your parents.

People in creative careers get this kind of thing the most. Maybe we need a dedicated support group to deal with this kind of thing…

At least you ultimately get the last word in that you were right about fashion being as good as any career!
Now you know never to doubt yourself again!

And finally, congratulations on your courage and success in launching your own business.

All the best!

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