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9 Fashion Resume Examples Recruiters Hired

Written In Response To Real Fashion Job Ads

On this page you’ll find a catalogue of real fashion resume examples written in response to real fashion job ads.

Scroll through the list to get detailed information on how a professional would advise you to complete each job application.

On that point, you may also need to weigh the pros and cons of writing a resume yourself or using professional services.

Fashion Model Resume Example

In the following Fashion Model Resume example, we’ll apply to a job description for a fit model at Buckle.With examples and detailed walkthrough.

There are several types of modelling. Most people outside fashion see this job as just about standing there and looking pretty. Or being the face of the campaign. Read more...

Fashion Marketing Resume Example

When creating your Fashion Marketing Resume, your first hurdle may have nothing to do with the resume itself but lie with finding a suitable job.

This is because marketing jobs come in a whole range, hidden behind related job titles such as…


Fashion PR Resume Example

Looking to create a Fashion PR Resume? Then you’re in the right place.

PR or Public relations roles are a lot like marketing, except, instead of promoting a product, you maintain a positive public opinion of the company.

In the following resume sample, we’ll respond to a job description for a Public Relations Assistant at Glit PR Agency. Read more...

Fashion Account Manager Resume Example

Looking to create a Fashion Account Manager Resume? Then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to write a fashion resume in response to a real Account Manager job posting.


High End Fashion Retail Resume

In this High End Fashion Retail resume example we respond to a merchandising & sales job from Burberry.

Retail roles are usually the easiest to land where they value experience over education.

Read more…

 Fashion Stylist Resume (No Experience)

Some interesting demvelopments for stylist roles.

In my research I found though many jobs say STYLIST, they are actually RETAIL roles.

So, are they still worth going after? Read more…

Fashion Student Resume

If you’re writing a resume as a fashion design student, this’ll probably be the first time you write a resume.

Whether you studied fashion design or fashion marketing, you’d be looking to gain as much experience as you could within the larger field of fashion. 


Creative Resume For Fashion Designer

People often feel the resume of a fashion designer should reflect the creativity attached to the role.

And that is all true.

But in the name of creativity, many applicants often overlook content. Read More...

Fashion Merchandising Resume (Entry Level)

An Entry Level Fashion Merchandising Resume, especially when you have no relevant experience, we'll look a little different from most resume examples you might see online.
Your most pressing issue may be a lack of work experience. But that should not stop you from applying to jobs you’re interested in.


But Wait... I’ve Got Something Else For You

If you feel like you need more info on how to complete your resume, use my Fashion Resume How-To Guide.

For a drama-free job application process.

With my compliments,

Chola M.

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