What is a Fashion Portfolio...

And How Do I Create One That Gets Noticed?

What is a fashion portfolio and what should you include in it?

What is a fashion portfolio?

How do I create one?

Will mine ever be good enough?

These and more are the types of questions that plague the minds of aspiring fashion professionals.

In this article we will answer all you burning questions as well as give you a chance to have your work featured on our website!

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What Should Be Included In A Fashion Portfolio?

There is plenty of advice out there on how to create a fashion portfolio and what to include in it.

Basically, a fashion portfolio is a showcase of your best work.

Often, it is needed for admittance into a university fashion program or for a job interview.

Here are a few points about creating a portfolio I would like to highlight...

  • A fashion portfolio takes time to compile. Your portfolio will include the best work that you produced during the time of employment or a course. So, if you are looking through fashion schools or jobs and finding that you need a portfolio - which you currently don’t have - this is my advice...

Start with a foundation course that will help you build your portfolio.

Depending on what you will use your portfolio for, find out what those portfolio requirements are. These may vary from college to college, company to company and job description to job description.

But now that you know what goes into a fashion portfolio, you would probably want to look at…

Fashion Portfolio Examples

When I was doing my fashion diploma, I remember how inferior I felt. I thought my work would never level up to what other people - who had been studying art and fashion way longer than me - would produce.

That was until I started seeing examples of other people’s fashion portfolios.

Then I realised we all had such different styles of expressing our ideas. There was never any pressure to fit into one mould.

That’s why on this website, we catalogue examples of different fashion portfolios.

Have a look through. Get some ideas and inspiration. And join the fun and list your fashion portfolio as well.

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Where Can You Show Your Portfolio?

These days, fashion portfolios are displayed online on platforms like…

  • Instagram
  • YouTube videos showing your process
  • A dedicated portfolio website or
  • A web page on a portfolio hosting website

Some examples of websites that can host your portfolio for work or school are...

  • Behance
  • Coroflot
  • About.me etc…

These websites are not only for fashion design or illustration. They are also good for portfolios in fields like fashion marketing, fashion merchandising or fashion journalism. Do feel free to join our talent directory and submit your portfolio with us here.

So, if you already have a presence on one or all of these platforms, you must be wondering…

Why Submit Your Portfolio With Us?

Your fashion portfolio will most likely - or should -  live online.
And online, you only exist if you have traffic.

Your portfolio may be exemplary. But if no one ever sees it... what’s the point?

Listing your portfolio with our talent directory can help seed more traffic to your work and raise your chances of getting noticed!

That means, if you already have an online presence hosting your fashion portfolio, great! You can get more people seeing your work and linking back to your portfolio.

If you don’t, this can be your first.

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Not sure what to write? You could include…

a short bio about yourself - your school, what you studied, if you are self-taught - your project brief, the inspiration behind it, any awards it received, where you work or your career goals, what you’re working on now...

And anything else you would like to add.

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