21+ Reasons A Career In Fashion Is Right For You

Careers In fashion21+ Careers In Fashion

What career in fashion do you wish for?

I’ve found 21 and counting.

Over 21 different fashion jobs you could take advantage of.

There’s no way anyone can convince me studying fashion is a bad idea.

Take that parent who says you can’t get a job with a degree in fashion!

Learn all about the fashion career you dream of as well as the many others you may have never thought to consider.

Fashion Professionals Tell All…

Have you ever wondered what a career in fashion designing is really like?

What does a model do all day?

And how ever did she launch a multimillion-dollar clothing line?

On this page, you’ll hear from real working professionals within the fashion industry as they tell us what it actually takes.

In the forms of interviews and investigative reports, hear directly from the movers and shakers of the apparel industry.

Land The Fashion Jobs Of Your Dreams

Everyone has a side hustle.

But have you thought about side hustles that build your fashion resume and not just waste your time?

Get the heads up on exactly what you should be doing now - during fashion school and after - to help you land the job of your dreams.

Already applying for fashion jobs and worried about the process?
I’ve got you covered.

Listen in from fashion recruiters & headhunters and hear what they look out for.

Read up on my resume writing tips or if you prefer, enlist the help of professional resume writers.

Once you start making some traction, read this section on how I aced a fashion interview to seal the deal.

Which Career In Fashion Interests You?

Click on any one of the links below to read more about that career in the fashion industry.

They’re in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to find.

Behind The Scenes Fashion Jobs • Fashion Advertising • Fashion Business • Fashion Consulting • Fashion Design •  Fashion Forecasting • Fashion Journalism • Fashion Law • Fashion Magazine • Fashion Marketing • Fashion Merchandising • Fashion Modeling • Fashion Photography • Fashion Retailing • Fashion Styling • Fashion Technology •  Hair Makeup • Online Fashion Career• Pattern Making Side Hustles •  Sustainable Fashion •  Fashion Teaching • Textiles • 

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