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Fashion Model Resume Examples + Detailed Walkthrough

In the following Fashion Model Resume example, we’ll apply to a job description for a fit model at Buckle. With examples and detailed walkthrough.

Continue reading "Fashion Model Resume Examples + Detailed Walkthrough"

Fashion Resume Services & Fashion Career Center |Fashion School Snitch

Fashion Industry Resume Services & Virtual Fashion Career Center. Everything you should know before, during & after fashion school.

Continue reading "Fashion Resume Services & Fashion Career Center |Fashion School Snitch"

Fashion Resume How To Guide

Wondering how to write your fashion resume? Then you’re in the right place. Look over my shoulder as I explain key points in creating a fashion resume in this resume how to guide

Continue reading "Fashion Resume How To Guide"

FREE Resume Critique | Fashion Resumes

Need help with your Fashion resume but not sure about paying for it? Then get a FREE Resume Critique! We will review your resume for free and you can find out for yourself.

Continue reading "FREE Resume Critique | Fashion Resumes"

Fashion Industry Resume Services

Fashion Industry Resume Services for new graduates, interns, & students. We offer fashion resumes critiques, keyword research, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, career coaching and more.

Continue reading "Fashion Industry Resume Services"

Virtual Fashion Career Center

Our Virtual Fashion Career Center… All things job search assistance and fashion career advice.

Continue reading "Virtual Fashion Career Center"

Fashion Resume Cover Letter | Example + Detailed Walkthrough

Learn how to write a Fashion Resume Cover Letter. Plus real example written in response to a real fashion job. With detailed walkthrough.

Continue reading "Fashion Resume Cover Letter | Example + Detailed Walkthrough"

Fashion Editor Career Path + Interview w/ Editor-In-Chief

There are 2 options to get onto a fashion editor career path. Get a job or start your own business. Let’s take a look down each path and see which one is right for you.

Continue reading "Fashion Editor Career Path + Interview w/ Editor-In-Chief "

Feanne, Illustrator & Surface Designer

Meet Feanne. She’s a fine artist specializing in illustrated patterns for printed fabric and wallpaper. Her art typically features stylized Philippine

Continue reading " Feanne, Illustrator & Surface Designer"

Detailed Start Up Fashion Business Plan (No Guesswork)

Take the guess work out of creating your fashion business plan. Find out how to easily complete detailed research to base your start up fashion business plan on

Continue reading "Detailed Start Up Fashion Business Plan (No Guesswork)"

Rosco Adams, Software Developer

I am actually into Software Development, my mom owned her own factory and did CMT (cut, make and trim) for over 30 years, she wished one of her kids went

Continue reading "Rosco Adams, Software Developer "

FIT Fashion School | A Graduate Review

Meet Yuki Evoy, a graduate of FIT fashion school. She chatted with us about her experience at FIT. We also answer commonly asked questions about FIT.

Continue reading "FIT Fashion School | A Graduate Review"

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