Online Fashion Courses That Get You A Fashion Degree

If you just googled online fashion courses, chances are what came up was a bunch of Udemy courses.

While these courses may be great to teach you things you won’t learn in any classroom, you WON’T be getting any degrees or qualifications to truly speak of.

REMEMBER: To get the degree your dreaming of, you’re going to have to take courses from accredited online fashion schools like the ones on this list.

Just like when you are sifting through search results of fashion schools remember that online fashion courses also fall into the same 4 categories…

BUT just because your degree is accredited doesn’t mean it will be enough.

Let me explain.

While you attend fashion school, you may be shocked to find that your teachers don’t tell you where to find all the answers.

That’s where the non-accredited fashion courses come in.

Non-accredited courses - often run by industry professionals or just fashion enthusiasts - are often

  • Quick to complete – from a few hours’ worth of work to a few days or months.
  • Self-paced. You complete the course according to your schedule
  • More laid back
  • More informative than what a college tutor would tell you and
  • A great way to round out your skill set with what is not necessarily being taught in a formal school.

So, what’s our motto?

Sign up for a degree to get the papers to show on your resume and go the extra mile with a few non-accredited online fashion school courses.

But before we move on to the list of courses, you might be wondering…

What Fashion Courses Can You Study Online?

That all depends on what school you sign up to.
In my research I have found 3 common subject areas available in accredited colleges and universities offering online fashion courses
They are…

  • Fashion design
  • Fashion merchandising – and marketing
  • Fashion business

But here is something really interesting. Of the 21 courses I found…

Subject Area

Number Of Online Courses

Fashion Design


Fashion Merchandising


Fashion Business


…a whopping 17 are fashion merchandizing courses compared to a measly 4 fashion business and fashion design combined.


So it seems in the race to make it tint the fashion world – study-wise – a fashion merchandising course may just be the more abundant way in.

Why climb through the window when you can use the door?

If this news puts a cold chill in your belly as you begin to imagine a life without fashion or design. Fear not! Because…

Just because your degree doesn’t have the words FASHION, DESIGN OR FASHION DESIGN, in it doesn’t mean you won’t learn about it.

Read this article on what a real-life recent fashion school grad did with her fashion degree to see what I mean.

Now let’s get into the courses.

Accredited Online Fashion Courses

Online Fashion Design Courses

Fashion Design (A.A.S.)
Qualification: A.A.S. (get your degree in as little as 2 years)
School: Nassau Community College

Fashion Design Diploma & Advanced Diploma
Qualification: Diploma (get your diploma in as little as 24 weeks – about 6 month) & Advanced Diploma (get your advanced diploma in as little as 31 weeks – about 8 months)
School: International Career Institute

If you need to further improve your fashion design and garment construction skills, check out my recommendations of non-accredited fashion design courses.

Online Fashion Merchandizing 

Fashion Merchandising & Management AS
Qualification: AS (get your degree in as little as 2 years)
School: Southern New Hampshire University

Fashion Merchandising & Management BS
Qualification: BS (get your degree in as little as 4 years)
School: Southern New Hampshire University

Business-Fashion Buying and Merchandising (A.A.S.)
Qualification: A.A.S. (get your degree in as little as 2 years)
School: Nassau Community College

Fashion Merchandising Associate Degree
Qualification: Associate Degree (get your degree in as little as 2 years)
School: Penn Foster College

Fashion Merchandising & Management, AAS
Qualification: ASS (get your degree in as little as 2 years)
School: LIM Laboratory Institute of Merchandising

Program: Fashion Merchandising, BBA
Qualification: BBA (get your degree in as little as 4 years)
School: LIM Laboratory Institute of Merchandising

Bachelor of Science - Fashion Merchandising & Retailing
Qualification: Bachelor of Science (get your degree in 4 years)
School: Johnson & Wales University

These next 4 degrees require a table to explain. There are 2 focuses for each qualification.

Major in Fashion Merchandising and Design

Bachelor of Applied Arts (get your degree in 4 years)

 Bachelor of Science (get your degree in 4 years)

School: Central Michigan University

Program: Fashion Merchandising (Occupational & Technical Studies)
Qualification: Bachelor of Science (get your degree in 4 years)
School: Old Dominion University

Online Fashion Business Courses

Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship
Qualification: BS (get your degree in 4 years)
School: Lindenwood University

Program: Merchandising & Marketing Associate of Arts (A.A.) Professional Designation
Qualification: Associate of Arts Professional Designation (AADP) (Open to those who already hold a college degree or who have a minimum of 45 semester units (67 quarter units) transferable academic coursework)
Options: Merchandising & Buying
School: FIDM - Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Things To Consider...

The choice between what you study online and what you physically attend a college for is up to you. But this is the only thing you should think about…

Will you able to do the work on your own?

Most people may rule out studying say fashion design online because you may need certain equipment and space that you just can’t make out of the nook in your bedroom.

But even if you studied a merchandizing or business course, how do you plan on practicing your new skills?

Will you be able to get appropriate internships where you live, or can you perhaps set up your own online business as a way to gain real working skills.

So don’t make your choice based off of more I-can-just-read-the-textbook courses verses I-have-to-use-my-hands.

It will all just be theory unless you can actually practice what you learn.

I hope this article was helpful to you. For any questions comments or experiences to share do drop them in the have your say box below.

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