Feanne, Illustrator & Surface Designer


Tropical Foliage in Orange & Porcelain - Reversible Kimono

Tropical Foliage in Orange & Porcelain - Reversible Kimono

Meet Feanne. She’s a fine artist specializing in illustrated patterns for printed fabric and wallpaper.
Her art typically features stylized Philippine flora and fauna. She has been exhibiting and publishing my work since 2006 and producing my own line of wearable art pieces such as silk scarves and reversible kimonos since 2015.

This is her story in fashion.

I came from a fine art background, doing exhibits with my drawings and paintings. I found fashion to be a more viable way of doing business with my art. I was lucky to have some early success with this, and lucky that my parents understood this and were supportive of my career choice.


Education: University of the Philippines
Degree: Interior Design Bachelor of Science
Class of 2011

Links: http://instagram.com/feanne

What is your process like when creating your designs?

I start by drawing on my iPad using Adobe Fresco, and then I finish the design in Adobe Illustrator on my laptop. Then I go through sampling to get the scale and colors right, and then I have garments made using the printed fabric.

Where are clothes produced?

I have one seamstress here in the Philippines who sews all my clothing; I hire her on a per-project basis.

What made you make the switch to fashion? Do you feel fulfilled working on fashion instead of strictly art?

I still think of myself as primarily an artist, who creates wearable art pieces.

Has Covid impacted your business at all?

Yes during the pandemic (2020) there were several months in which I could not produce any fashion merchandise, could not get any materials, could not sell any fashion merchandise. During that time I focused on commissioned art and licensing— all online work— and thankfully still had projects at that time.

Any plans for the future?

Currently I’m working on a new collection which is due to be launched in Tokyo in July, as part of the PHXTOKYO program, an Philippine government initiative incubating a group of local designers to enter the Japanese market.

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Feb 24, 2021

by: Chola M.

Thanks for sharing your story in fashion. It’s always nice to meet new people actually making it happen today.

I find it interesting that there is an even less popular career option than fashion, but I’m glad you found a way to still get to do your art. I also really love that you produce locally.


I’m really looking forward to hearing about how that launch goes later this year and hope you will come back and let fashionschoolsnitch.com do another feature on that.

All in all congratulations and all the best.

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