Fashion PR Job Description

What Does A Fashion PR Do?

A Fashion PR manages the reputation of the company. This is similar to marketing, except, instead of promoting products, you maintain a positive public opinion of the company.

Following is a general overview of a fashion PR job description, but it is always a good idea to look at a few live examples to get the most current and accurate idea of what the job entails.

Basic Duties & Responsibilities Of A Fashion PR

Fashion PR or public relations officers have the following responsibilities and duties…

  • Creating press releases
  • Crisis management
  • Establish and maintain relationships with journalists, and other fashion industry creatives
  • Social media management
  • Speech writing
  • Schedule, coordinate and attend various events
  • Research potential partnership opportunities

Required Education & Training

To become a PR most companies ask for degree or masters in the following...

  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Writing
  • Communications

There are fashion specific degrees in each of these areas. But you could also do a non-fashion specific degree and still have a shot at getting hired as a fashion PR.

How Much Do Fashion PR Make

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics Median salary stands at $62, 810/year or $30.20/hour in 2020 which is slightly higher paid than other jobs.

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