Day 1: Writing Your Resume Header/Contact Information

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Your Resume Header contains your contact information. Namely, your…

  • Name
  • Professional email address
  • LinkedIn
  • Phone number and
  • Personal address

That may seem pretty basic and straightforward to complete, but there are a couple points to remember.

Let’s go over each of them in detail.

Resume Writing Tips for your Resume Header/Contact Information

Your Name

Your name must appear of course. Use the format in your official documents - should they do a background check - as some companies do. But this IS NOT the same as a resume headline.

A Professional Email Address

Take the time to create an email account specifically for your professional use. It’s completely free and only takes a few minutes. It's easier on you if all emails pertaining to job applications go to one location.

When creating your username (the part before or go for your first and last name. If your name was Jane Doe, go for something like

But that might be taken, so you could try...

  • jane.doe
  • j.doe
  • jane_doe
  • jane-doe

Maybe even include a middle name initial if they’re all taken.

Just don’t use something cute like

I’d also avoid the suggestions with numbers that your email provider might give such as

LinkedIn… A Must

Do you need a LinkedIn account? Yes.

Do you need hundreds of contacts to make your profile look more authentic? Not necessarily.

You can even send me a contact request to get things going. Just tell me you’re from the website and I’ll be glad to accept. Heads Up: My LinkedIn Guide will be released shortly.

Your account should be optimized to look like a serious candidate. That'll take a little time and getting used to the platform. Even though your prospective employers may market their brands on Instagram, their hiring managers are on LinkedIn looking for who to add to the team. So, work on your LinkedIn as part of your career development.

Also, when you open your account, make sure to customize your LinkedIn URL so that it ends in just your name and not a stream of numbers.

Phone Number

Do include your phone number so that you are easily reachable.

If you happen to be applying for a job from outside the country, do include your international code.

Address… Keep It Short

When you put your address on your resume header, you're not giving the address so your Amazon package can reach you from out of state.

All that’s required is your...

  • City
  • State/country
  • ZIP/postal code

That’s it.

If you see an example that lists a longer address, just know that it’s a very old and outdated example.

Portfolio Link

Some roles would require a portfolio and that would be specified in the job description. Even if not, it may still be good practice to include a link to the work that you’ve done that is similar to the role you are applying for.

This marks the end of Day1 Fix Your Fashion Resume In 7 Days. Take a little time today and work on each part of your resume header and contact information. It shouldn’t take more than one day.

If you’re landing on this page for the first time, you can access the rest of this course here.

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