Fashion Schools in New York

Affordable Public School Edition

There are 3 Public schools where you can complete a full 4-year degree in fashion

Then we have 4 community colleges where you can study a 2-year degree aka an Associate Degree in fashion

Considering fashion schools in New York? Affordability may be your top concern.

While New York may be among the most prestigious cities to study fashion, it is also one of the most expensive to live.

One sure way of cutting costs is attending public school – even if only for part of your degree.

If you are really attached to the prestige of private fashion schools in New York, you could always transfer there for the latter part of your degree.

But before you rush off to sign up to just any school in the state of New York, you should probably take a moment to understand the… Public School System in New York.

Public School System in New York

NOTE: If any of the terminology in this article doesn’t make sense, please refer to the previous article on Fashion schools in the USA. It will really help explain things further.

When looking at fashion schools in New York, I noticed some have the acronym SUNY or CUNY in their names.

If you are wondering what that means…

CUNY stands for City University of New York. That means this school is in the City of New York.

SUNY stands for State University of New York. This means this school is in the State of New York, but NOT necessarily the City of New York.

This doesn’t just apply to fashion schools alone, but it does mean that

  • there is a network of schools that can have students easily transfer credits between them. Also…
  • when a school does not have on-campus housing available, there are residence halls aka off-campus housing reserved for students admitted to a CUNY or SUNY school.

Fashion Schools in New YorkTo cut costs of fashion school in New York, attend public school.

Public Fashion Schools in New York

Let’s get into the details.

NOTE: Since in public schools in state, out of state and/or international students are charged differently, it took a bit of effort to figure out the cost of attendance. FULL DISCLAIMER: some of the averages are just my calculations as far as I could understand their fee lists. Refer back to the school’s website for the most accurate amounts.

Fashion Institute of Technology - FIT

The Fashion Institute of Technology is dedicated to teaching all things fashion. FIT offers 29 undergraduate programs.

The courses they have on offer include accessories design, fashion business management & cosmetics & fragrance marketing to name a few. They even have credit & none credit certificates.

The worst I have read about FIT is complaints about rude admission staff, a repetitive curriculum and being overpriced. Let’s take a look at your budget…

Tuition (as published in 2019):

This is a screenshot of the FIT tuition page as published in 2019.

Tuition FIT as published in 2019FIT Tuition as published in 2019

Fees (separate cost from tuition).

These are mandatory and per semester fees - as published in 2019.

$1,973.75 to $2,273.75 per semester = $3,947.50 to $4,547.50 yearly.

Please refer here for detailed info. 

FIT on-campus housing + meals (yearly rate published 2019):

$12,000+ to $24,000+. Single and shared occupancy available.

For most up to date rates, please refer to the FIT website.

Full time estimate per year [excluding fees] as published in 2019:

I added Tuition + On Campus Housing range.

-FIT In state-

Associate (2 year): $5,190 tuition + ($12,000+ to $24,000+) housing = $17,000+ to $25,000+

Baccalaureate (4 year): $7,070 tuition + ($12,000+ to $24,000+) housing = $19, 000+ to $31,000+

-FIT Out of State-

Associate (2 year): $15,570 tuition + ($12,000+ to $24,000+) housing = $27,500+ to $39,500+

Baccalaureate (4 year): $21, 392 tuition + ($12,000+ to $24,000+) housing = $33,000+ to $45,000+

Health insurance

FIT health insurance  is $986 paid twice a year as of 2019.

You can read this interview with FIT graduate Yuki Evoy for her personal account of what FIT is like.

 CUNY New York City College of Technology

In the school of professional studies under the Department of Business, New York City Tech offers

As the name would suggest, this is a well-rounded course, not just centred on the artistic side of things.

The complaints I have heard is about New York City Tech were inefficient admission staff and about basic school management. But the professors are good, reviews say.

Tuition (as published 2019):

A screen shot of NY City Tech tuition page explains them best.

Tuition General fees as published in 2019NYCity Tech Tuition as published in 2019

Fees (separate from tuition)

Non-Instructional Fees

For Full time students they total to $200.65

Special fees (transcript fee, transfer application fee, etc)

full-time student’s technology fee of $125.00 per semester and

** Plus other special fees as required.

Please refer here for more details.

On campus housing + meals (yearly rate published 2019):

I found that their website was not very clear. And easily got confused. But in other research I found that on-campus housing is NOT available. You are redirected to the CUNY off-campus residence halls.

And I could not find mention of meal plans either. So, it looks like you can decide on your own budget, which is a plus for you budget.

FULL TIME estimate per year TUITION ONLY

- New York City Tech In state-

$3,465 per semester x 2 = $6,930 per year

-New York City Tech Out of State-

About 15 credits per semester = about 30 credits per year

30 x $620 per credit = $18,600 per year

Health Insurance: The website has a NY City Tech health insurance page. They have switched over to New York State of Health.

CUNY Kingsborough Community College

Can I just start off by saying I found their website odd and underwhelming. As I navigated it, I seemed to be taken to unrelated pages.

However, I did find the link to the fashion programs they offer

I’m really not fond of their website, but I can’t really find anything negative said about them in reviews.

Tuition (as published 2019):

On Kingsborough Community College tuition page, they list spring & fall fess separately, but they are the same as far as I can see. They also total up for full time resident so that’s good.

RESIDENT FULL-TIME (12-18 Credits/equated credits) $2,400 per semester

NON-RESIDENT FULL TIME 12- 18 Credits x $320 = $3,840 to $5,760 per semester

Fees (separate from tuition)


Housing + meals (yearly rate published 2019):

Off-campus housing. Refer to CUNY housing or regular housing search.

Full time estimate per year [excluding fees]

- Kingsborough In state-

$2,400 tuition + Non-refundable fees $226 = TOTAL $2,626.45

- Kingsborough Out of State-

$3,840 to $5,760 tuition + Non-refundable fees $226 = TOTAL $4,066 to $5,986.

Health insurance

Found through a lot of digging, a Facebook post from 2014 says their student health insurance was discontinued and that students now get cover through NY State of Health insurance.

Genesee Community College

Pleased to find several Fashion courses . I counted 5. I’m pretty impressed with this site. It explains things well. As far as community colleges go, I have a far better impression of this one. Look under Business & commerce for Genesee fashion programs towards the end of the section.

They offer

  • Fashion Business: Ecommerce,
  • Fashion Business: Event Planning,
  • Fashion Business: Fashion Design (degree & certificate), and
  • Fashion Business: Merchandising Management.

And you are able to transfer credits which they highlight for you.

Of the worst reviews, a variety of issues sited. So, I can’t say there is one general complaint. One I will highlight is for international students. One person said they couldn’t get financial aid, another couldn’t get a job as an international student. So have your plan B for such things.

Tuition (as published 2019)

Just shy of $17,000 at $16,900+ per year. For locals: Make sure to have your certificate of residency sorted to take advantage of lower fees and avoid paying double fees. A NYS -New York State- resident that doesn’t get certificate sorted gets stuck with double tuition fees.

Genesee CC Tuition as published in 2019Genesee CC Tuition as published in 2019

Fees (separate from tuition).

Refer to yearly costs screen shot. Minus tuition and room, comes to $6,195.

Housing (yearly rate published 2019)

On-campus housing available at Genesee.

Prices range as follows:

Shared bedroom for $6,600 per year

Private bedroom for up to $8,650 per year

**Plus a $250 security deposit.

Residence halls do close for breaks. International students can talk to an advisor to arrange their stay during these breaks.

Meals (yearly rate published 2019):

5 Meals Per week $595 per semester = $1,190 per year to

10 meals per week $1370 per semester = $2,740 per year

**Though, one will probably have an extra food budget as well

Full time estimate per year [excluding fees]

According to the Genesee site

- Genesee In state, Out of State & International-

All come to about $16,900+ just shy of $17,000 or shown as minimum estimate for International Students.

Health Insurance

They have a health insurance page, but when I click on the link it says "content off line". Maybe when you check it it will be online.

Herkimer County Community College

They offer a well-rounded course in fashion buying & merchandising.

The worst reviews: financial aid horrors, as usual. But basically, good things were said.

Tuition (as published 2019):

Hermiker tuition and fees are separate.

Hermiker Tuition & FeesHermiker Tuition & Fees


In state total: $370 Per semester

Out of state total: $520 Per semester

International student total: $1,143 Per semester

Housing + meals (yearly rate published 2019):

On campus housing & meal plan rates available here.

Housing From $6,098 for a double room to $7,140 for a single room per year.

Plus $80 for parking per year.

Meal plans go from $1,542/semester to $2,106/semester for those living on-campus & for those living off-campus $690 & $1,379 per semester.

Full time estimate per year [excluding fees]

I added Tuition + On Campus Housing range

- Herkimer In state-

$4,870 tuition + $6,098 to $ 7,140 on campus housing + $80 parking + $1,542/semester to $2,106/semester meals = $12,590 to $14,196

- Herkimer Out of State & International-

$7,500 tuition + $6,098 to $ 7,140 on campus housing + $80 parking + $1,542/semester to $2,106/semester meals = $15,220 to $16,826

Health Insurance

I had to search health insurance on their site. I only found what they specified for International students and students traveling abroad. In the pdf $1,577. Automatic enrolment unless you have your own that is adequate.

Nassau Community College

I am not at all thrilled with the font of the Nassau program catalogue. However, under Marketing they offer

Worst reviews are about admission staff, a lack of career guidance and complaints about online classes.

Tuition (as published 2019):

Their page on paying for college is pretty clear.  Below is a screen shot…


Fees come to $2,255.
Extra circular fee is $110.
There are also non-refundable fees. Refer to the paying for college page to see what applies.

Housing + meals (yearly rate published 2019):

Off-campus housing is available.
No meal plans as such are mentioned. On their site, they just tell you where you can get food.

Full time estimate per year [excluding fees]

I didn’t put one because your housing and food costs will be entirely up to you. But you can refer to the cost of living in New York on this page.

Health Insurance:

When I followed this link, accident & sickness insurance were mentioned and I was redirect to the insurance company. On that site when I scrolled down, I just found a pdf application form. No fees stated.

SUNY Westchester Community College

They have 2 courses on offer

The worst reviews I read about them were complains varied on a variety of things like slow internet, not enough computers, mean students & financial aid being of little help.
In spite of this, their website is easy to read with good information.

Tuition (as published 2019):

Their tuition and fees page is here.
It is clear, so I won’t repeat the information.

Housing + meals (yearly rate published 2019):
I found no information on on-campus housing or meal plans.

Full time estimate per year [excluding fees]
I didn’t make one as housing and food costs will be entirely up to you.

Health insurance:

That information is found in NY state of health.


Hope you found this fashion school review helpful.
To further help you plan you can look at the cost of living in New York on this page.

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