Fashion Marketing Resume Examples That Recruiters Will Hire

When creating your Fashion Marketing Resume, your first hurdle may have nothing to do with the resume itself but lie with finding a suitable job.

This is because marketing jobs come in a whole range, hidden behind related job titles such as…

  • Social media
  • Copywriting
  • Writing
  • E commerce
  • Sales/retail
  • Customer experience

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Fashion Marketing Resume Example

Below is a Fashion Marketing Resume I created in response to this job description. Let’s go through it together so you can create your own customized fashion resume as well.

Preparing To Write A Fashion Marketing Resume

PRO TIP: write out what you plan to include in each section of your resume first, then worry about how it'll look later.

Though a resume is a relatively short document, a fair amount of preparation needs to go into it. Your foremost thought when creating your fashion resume should be….

What will recruiters think of your resume?

To answer this question is actually pretty easy and much overlooked.


Because recruiters actually tell you what they want to see in your resume. In the job description. The only thing is most people don’t really understand how to…

Study the job description

Optimize your resume

Resumes are sorted and filtered just like search results on the internet. This is how a company separates candidates it’ll consider vs those they won’t. When you optimize you resume, you use the same keywords on your resume that the company is searching for.

You may have a general awareness of what a fashion marketer does, but none of that will help you when you need to write a resume applying to a particular job ad.


Because you need to customize your resume to that particular job description.

This is called optimizing your resume.

After looking at this job description, this is what I found was important to include in my resume sample…

NOTE: Studying the job description also gives you an idea of how qualified you are for a certain job. but never be discouraged from applying to a job just because of qualifications. It’s still worth a shot.

1.  Start with your contact information

Make sure you get your contact information right. Any mistakes here mean that an interested recruiter can’t contact you. So triple check everything.

PRO TIP: pay special attention to your email address and linked in profile. Your email address must be professional, and LinkedIn is highly advisable. Other social media handles are only worth showing if they are being used as a sample of your work.

More: How to complete your contact info

2.  Work on your work experience next

The work experience section of your fashion resume is what stalls most people.  There is no right or wrong way of doing this per se. There is only the way that presents you as the best possible candidate or not.

This position has specifically asked for 1 – 3 years’ experience in marketing, communications, fashion, design or a related field.

While most candidates will initially panic and disqualify themselves, the recruiter writing this job description left us a huge tip.

Relevant work experience can be drawn from a number of places. As long as you can prove you’ve been practicing, the skills that’ll be used in this job.

In the resume example, I took a work situation where the job seeker initially thought she couldn’t qualify for this job and proved to her and recruiters that she actually did.

How to complete your work experience section when you have no work experience

3. Get Your Education Section Out Of The Way

The education section is another underutilized area.

While it serves its most obvious purpose of where you list your education, you can also use it to talk about relevant modules you’ve covered in your course.

This is an especially useful trick when you need to beef minimal work experience.

More info: how to write your education section & leverage it when you have no work experience.

4. Writing A Headline For Your Fashion Marketing Resume

Your headline should go right at the top of your fashion resume, or another prominent position.

The trick about creating a headline is to be concise but impactful.

I often borrow the job title directly from the job description if it makes sense to do so.

Check out other ways to create a resume headline

5. Writing Your Skills Section For Your Fashion Marketing Resume

Your skills will be made up of all the keywords you found at the beginning of this process.

6 to 8 skills are a good number to include. So make sure the resume template you use can accommodate all or most of them.

Please read more about how to complete your skills section.

6. Writing Your Fashion Marketing Resume Summary

Last of all work on your summary to – well- summarize why you’re a good fit for this role.

Every candidate will bring something special to this role. Make sure you present all that in light of how you can contribute to this company. So basically, pitch yourself to the recruiter.

More info: how to write a resume summary.

Almost Done

At this point you’d have worked out the content that would go on your resume. Now you can worry about making it look pretty.

Resume templates should be picked based on how well they serve you. Not dictate what you should write on your resume.

For this example, I went for one of my free resume templates that would give me maximum space to write out my extensive skills and work experience sections.

Don’t be afraid to move things around when you use a downloaded template as well.

Text Version Of Fashion Marketing Resume

Marketing experience 

Stylist - Chanel – 1 year

  • Implemented Facebook group that increased sales by 12 %
  • Contributed to market research & campaign efficiency reports
  • Resolved customer complaints by phone, email & in person
  • Voted customer support staff of the month 12 times

Social Media Influencer - University Of Florida - 3 years

  • Coordinated copywriting & content creation for website, Instagram & Pinterest
  • Managed a team of 15 junior staff that increased sign ups by 20% in 3 months
  • Made daily use of Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop & Google analytics
  • Prepared monthly reports on campaign success


Fashion Marketing & Merchandising BA


Associate Marketing Coordinator


  • Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Customer service
  • Photo shoots
  • Shopify
  • Social Media
  • Software: Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop
  • Copywriting: Email, website, newsletter
  • Data: Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Pinterest Ads Manager
  • Social media: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest


Fashion Marketing BA graduate with 3 years’ experience in fashion & marketing. Competent in marketing data analysis & interpretation. Proven in creation of copy & content of various formats such as emails, web copy & social media. Creative eye for photoshoots & visuals.

Hope you find this useful.                              

If you follow this advice and want me to review your resume afterward, then order a  resume critique.

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