Day 3: Writing Your Education Resume Section

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Education Resume Section Highlighted In Pink - Fashion Resume TipsEducation Resume Section Highlighted In Pink - Fashion Resume Tips

As an intern or new graduate, your Education Resume Section is of heightened importance. As such, it should come before your work experience - which may not be that much.

This is also one of the fastest sections to complete.

For each item, do include the…

  • School/institution
  • Course studied with qualification (BA, BA Hons, etc.) and
  • The dates for when you studied

Do also include any other courses or certifications that count as professional development like Adobe illustrator course, or fashion specific short courses that are relevant to the role.

If you’ve done relevant certifications, then you can make the title of this section Education & Certifications.

Do list your degree first, and then the other smaller courses can follow after that.

If you have no work experience: include relevant modules you covered in your degree that will be useful to this role as shown below.

This marks the end of Day 3: Fix Your Fashion Resume In 7 Days. This is usually one of the fastest and easiest sections to complete. Take a little time today and make sure you have all your dates and spellings correctly. It is also a great idea to have all your certificates in one folder on your computer. Should anyone ask to see it, it will be easily available to you.

If you have any questions, please include them below this lesson.

If you’re landing on this page for the first time, you can access the rest of this guide here.

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