Day 7: Finishing Touches, Resume Templates & What Not To Include

Fix Your Fashion Resume In 7 Days FREE Course

At this point, the content of your resume is complete, but you’re not done.

This is where we’d discuss…

  1. Resume Templates or the look and feel of your resume and
  2. What NOT to include on your resume 

Resume Templates

Please don’t worry about the template until you have focused and finalized the words on your resume.

Yes, your resume should look good, but a resume is a business document.

Creativity is to be showcased in your portfolio.

So go for something clean and legible.

Here are my top tips…

  • Dark words on a light background will always be best.
  • Avoid graphs and tables to show your skills
  • Never rate your skills
  • Headshots don’t particularly help your chances, especially when hiring managers are trying to be impartial. But they’re more common in certain regions like Europe.

KEY POINT: Design & aesthetic rules can always be bent or broken. But this shouldn’t consume all your time. In the case of your resume, content is key

What NOT To Include On Your Fashion Resume

Yes, there are some things that should be left off your resume.

Contrary to what too many free resume templates publish, the following should NOT be on your resume…

   References available on request

   Career objective


In addition to…

   Low or below average GPAs below 3.0

   Political views and conviction

   High school*

*Even as an intern, high school can really be left off. Especially with a degree, high school is a given. So leave it off.

This marks the end of Fix Your Fashion Resume In 7 Days FREE Guide. If you really want to be thorough, you can check out my What's Wrong with my Fashion Resume article and check it against your finished resume.

If you’re landing on this page for the first time, you can access the rest of this course here.

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