Day2: Writing Your Work Experience Resume Section

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I like to work through the Work Experience Resume Section second as it gives me a chance to figure out why a person is a good fit for a role.

But you may come across a majour roadblock. What if you have no experience? Can you still write a resume that will get noticed?

Of course, you can.

Just follow these...

Resume Writing Tips For Your Work Experience Resume Section

How you write your work experience resume section will depend largely on your current situation. Here are some common scenarios you might find yourself in…

  1. You have relevant education, such as a fashion degree, but have no experience in the fashion industry
  2. You have relevant education, such as a fashion degree, and have some fashion internships/work experience
  3. You're changing careers, having neither studied nor worked in fashion, but now want to work in fashion

Don’t worry. Resume writers are trained to work around such situations. And conversations around hiring processes are changing, urging hiring managers to give people a chance even if they don’t tick all the boxes perfectly.

Now let’s look at 3 examples of work experience scenarios and how you could tackle them for your resume.

Work Experience Resume Section Example 1

Relevant Degree + No Work Experience

Since you have no work experience, you technically won’t have a work experience section.

Rather than using a heading like Work Experience, go for a heading like Campus Engagement, Volunteering And Work.

List the jobs & activities you have held rather than go onto detail about each. Even if they’re unrelated to this role, they’ll show that you’ve been doing something.

Work Experience Resume Section Example 2

Fashion Degree + Fashion Internship/Work Experience

So let’s say you studied fashion design, but you could only find a job/internship as a social media manager or a retail assistant. But now that you’ve graduated, you really want to go after fashion design roles.

How would you write you work experience section then?

Use a heading of Fashion Experience rather than Work Experience.

Think about it. You may not have been a fashion designer before. But you do know a bit about the industry. Any way you look at it, that’s valuable.

For each position, begin with the…

  • Job title or position
  • Name of employer
  • Dates of employment and
  • Location

After that create bullet points that show what you did in this role.

Mention things like…

  • Which software you worked with
  • What were your Interactions with clients
  • Who you reported to and how often

Remember your action words and to use consistent tenses throughout your resume.

Work Experience Resume Section Example 3

Non Fashion Degree + No Fashion Experience

In this situation, I’d advise that you go after roles relevant to your degree, only that you go after fashion companies.

For example, use your regular marketing degree to go after fashion marketing roles. Or your English Or communication degree to land fashion writer roles.

Then follow the first example.

Of course, these aren’t all possible scenarios. That’s why people work with a professional resume writer who can present your situation in the best possible light.

This marks the end of Day 2 of the Fix Your Fashion Resume In 7 Days e Course. Take a little time today and outline your current work experience situation. Then follow the examples to create your own work experience section. It shouldn’t take more than one day.

If you have any questions, please include them below this lesson.

Make sure to access the rest of this guide here.

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