Day 4: Writing Your Resume Headline

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Resume Headline Highlighted In Pink – Fashion Resume TipsResume Headline Highlighted In Pink – Fashion Resume Tips

A Resume Headline should appear at the very top of your fashion resume- or at least in a very prominent position on your resume.

It'll usually appear right after your header/contact information which we discussed in day 1.

Strangely, some job seekers still hand in their resumes without a headline.

Fashion Resume With & Without A Headline

Consider the resumes compared above.

Without a resume headline, you give hiring managers no reason to read further. Why? Because you’d have given them no indication of what they were reading.

Hiring managers are notoriously busy people.

Perhaps screening hundreds of applications, a day. For various roles.

They're not going to take the time to figure out which pile your resume should fit in.

That’s why your resume goes through the ATS first to make their job easier.

Remember the ATS?

It’s kinda like a Google search engine in the company’s data base. It sorts through which applicant is most suited to a job.

Even then, there will still be many resumes to go through manually.

Think about it like this. How do you look for information these days?

Do you drive to the library or Google things?

Google them. Of course!

And when search results come back, do you read through all 700+ words of each result?

No. You scan the titles of each to select which one catches your attention first.

But more importantly, so do hiring managers.

They’ll skip over your resume and go for the one that’s clearly labeled with a headline.

So, what makes a good headline for a fashion resume?

2 things…

  1. A job title and
  2. What is unique about you?

At the very least, write the job title at the top of your resume.

But that’s what every other well-informed candidate will do.

So also include what is unique about you as a candidate, for example

Fashion Designer With Graphic Design Expertise


Fashion Intern With Retail Experience

This marks the end of Day 4: Fix Your Fashion Resume In 7 Days.

Writing headlines does give jobseekers quite a headache. If you want to look at more headline examples, then read this article about the 4 Best Resume Headlines For Fashion Designers.

If you have any questions, please include them below this lesson.

If you’re landing on this page for the first time, you can access the rest of this guide here.

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