Fashion PR Resume Sample

Text version: Fashion PR Resume Sample

Contact info

Jane Doe


124 255 000

Delray Beach, FL 33483


Public Relations Assistant


Public Relations Assistant with over 1 year experience in PR & writing. Well versed in social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.  Extensive list of media contacts within Fashion & Beauty including Pat Magrath, Victoria Beckham & Rihanna.

Key Skills

  • Microsoft office
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media
  • Writing
  • Public relations
  • Media relations
  • Multi-tasking
  • English
  • French & Spanish

Public Relations Experience




  • Researched & initiated 40+ opportunities for brand partnerships
  • Created & presented 100+ press releases and pitches
  • Created & curated engaging social media content on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Scheduled & coordinated events such as New York Fashion Week



University of Florida


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Ask a working professional

I though it’d be helpful to gather the experiences of real people who’ve actually held this job in fashion. This will help you know what to expect for when you land this role. Here’s is some of what they had to say.

Responses by: Júlia P.

Q: How did you land your role as PR intern @Georgio Armani?

Applied through Business of Fashion online 

Q: What was the application process like?

Quite straightforward 

Q: Expectation vs reality: how do you find the work?

That it was deadly, discriminatory and constantly abusive.

Q: What did the role teach you about the fashion industry?

It thought me self-respect and understanding my worth, including when it was time to leave. I really do not have anything positive to say about that experience. I still have anxiety when I think about that experience.

Q: You most recently hold a role with a non-fashion company. What inspired that switch?

The awful experience I faced in fashion environment.

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What’s it been like for you working in fashion? Tell your story.

If just can’t get the words out, answer these questions. You can use as much – or as little- detail as you see fit.

• What have you studied?
• How did you land your job/internship?
• What position did you hold?
• What was the application process like?
• Expectation vs reality: how do you find the work?
• What did the job/internship teach you about the fashion industry?
• Where do you see your career in next 3 to 5 years?

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