Entry Level Fashion Merchandising Resume Sample

Entry Level Fashion Merchandising Resume with orange accents. Creative resume design & template with photo. Features: Letter & A4 size, Word format.Entry Level Fashion Merchandising Resume Template

Text version: Entry Level Fashion Merchandising Resume Sample

Contact info

Jane Doe



124 255 000

Delray Beach, FL 33483


Merchandising Assistant


Fashion & Fashion Marketing BA graduate with over 2 years’ experience in fashion retail. Proven efficiency in creation of social media content – both written and photographic. Fluent in spoken and written English, French & Spanish.

Key Skills

  • E-commerce
  • Visual merchandising
  • Merchandise control
  • Social Media Content creation
  • English, Spanish, French
  • Photography
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Multi-tasking

Campus engagement/work

  • Undergraduate student ambassador
  • 2 years animal shelter volunteer
  • 3 years tutoring 12th Home Economics
  • 4 years delivery truck driver at Amazon



Relevant modules included:

Supply chain management

Merchandising Planning and Buying

Retail Management

Fashion Promotion

Ask a working professional

I though it’d be helpful to gather the experiences of real people who’ve actually held this job in fashion. This will help you know what to expect for when you land this role. Here’s is some of what they had to say.

Bibi Yazd, Bachelor of Arts BA, Fashion/Apparel Design

Name: Bibi Yazd

Education:Bachelor of Arts BA, Fashion/Apparel Design

School:Academy of art University


Position held:Visual Merchandising Manager @ Target

Q: How did you land your Visual Merchandising role?

With about two years of fashion retail history, an internship at Dolls Kill as a Buying Intern, and a really fashionable outfit on the interview day, I was able to model great passion and knowledge about retail. I showcased a lot of experience with how smaller boutiques function and that was valuable to Target because they wanted to add a more « chic » attitude to their store’s atmosphere.

Q: What was the application process like?

Someone reached out to me on Indeed. I had one phone interview, and in-person interview with the store managers and an in-person interview with the regional VM (visual merchandising) manager. It was very straight forward.

Q: Expectation vs reality: how do you find the work?

I loved my job! It was a perfect fusion of management responsibility with creative leadership. During Covid there were a lot let employees, so I had to take on many more responsibilities, which made completing my main role more difficult. But overall, I loved being a Visual merchandiser and would do it again if the time of my life is right.

Q: What did the job teach you about the fashion industry?

It taught me a lot about the forecast of sales during different seasons. I learned how customers shop through stores and how to drive sales through compelling visual presentations. I learned how to manage both the need of aesthetics as well as product inventory. I also learned how to manage team members to help complete tasks. I learned industrial skills of lighting, large scale installments and product organization.

Q: Where you see your career in next 3 to 5 years?

I see myself finishing up my Fashion Design degree at Academy of Art and becoming a Fashion Designer. I’ve spent the last year intensively studying French in France, so I hope to obtain a job in Paris and continue building my career.

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If just can’t get the words out, answer these questions. You can use as much – or as little- detail as you see fit.

• What have you studied?
• How did you land your job/internship?
• What position did you hold?
• What was the application process like?
• Expectation vs reality: how do you find the work?
• What did the job/internship teach you about the fashion industry?
• Where do you see your career in next 3 to 5 years?

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